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Positive Health Practice

Positive Health Practice is an integrated multidisciplinary service clinic committed to providing and developing both primary and specialized care services for the SFGH/CHN HIV-infected patient population. 



  • Main clinic number is 206-2400.
  • To make appointments, call 206-2403.
  • If you are a patient and have a medical question or concern, call 206-2405.
  • Location: Building 80, 6th floor, Ward 86


  • Monthly update on access for clinic appointment: data.

Providers with Privileges (updated September 2013):  

Gabriel Chamie MD
Susan Coffey MD
Moupali Das MD, MPH
Steven Deeks MD
Monica Gandhi MD, MPH
Ruth Greenblatt MD
Hiroyu Hatano MD
Diane Havlir MD
Frederick Hecht MD
Laurence Huang MD
Peter Hunt MD
Mark Jacobson MD
Marta Kochanska MD
Sulggi Lee MD
Paula Lum MD
Christopher Pilcher MD
Robin Serrahn MD
Sheri Weiser MD
Oliver Bacon MD
Elvin Geng MD
Charles Hare MD
Prasanna Jagannathan MD
Anne Luetkemeyer MD
Jacqueline Tulsky MD
Phillip Coffin MD
Allison Sombredero Sanchez MD
John Friend MSN, NP
Mary Hicks MSN, NP
Catherine Lyons MSN, NP
Terrence Marcotte MSN, FNP
Ian McNicholl PharmD
Clarissa Ospina-Norvell MSN, NP
Lauren Poole MSN, NP
Suzan Stringari-Murray MSN, NP
Hours of Operation
Service Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Clinic 8AM-5PM 8AM-5PM 9AM-5PM 8AM-5PM 8AM-5PM
Urgent Care 8AM-11:30AM and 1PM-4:30PM 8AM-11:30AM and 1PM-4:30PM 9AM-11:30AM and 1PM-4:30PM 8AM-11:30AM and 1PM-4:30PM 8AM-11:30AM and 1PM-4:30PM

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