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Orthopaedic Services

Orthopaedic Services include spine, trauma, foot and ankle, hand, sports, arthroplasty, and pediatrics, podiatry, and rehabilitation.


  • Chief: Ted Miclau
  • MD Director: Nicolas Lee
  • RN Director: Kathy Ballou
  • RN Manager: Dana Nelson


  • Location: Main Building 5, 3rd floor, 3M
  • Clinic phone number 206-8265
  • Fax number 206-4259
Hours of Operation
Service Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Ortho Clinic 9AM-12Noon - - 1PM-5PM 1PM-5PM
Pediatric Ortho Clinic 1PM-5PM - - - -
Ortho Hand Clinic - 9AM-12Noon 9AM-12Noon - -
Spine Ortho Clinic - - - 9AM-12Noon -
Ortho Sport Clinic - - 1PM-5PM - -
Podiatry Clinic 9AM-12Noon and 1PM-5PM 9AM-12Noon 9AM-12Noon and 1PM-5PM 9AM-12Noon and 1PM-5PM 9AM-12Noon 


Orthopedic Surgery Dashboard- February 2014

Providers with Privileges (updated September 2013):

Ralph Coughlin MD
Eliana Delgato MD
Harry Jergesen MD
Utku Kandemir MD
Nicolas Lee MD
Meir Marmor MD
Amir Matityahu MD
Robert McClellan MD
Eric Meinberg MD
Theodore Miclau MD
Saam Morshed MD
Masato Nagao MD, PhD
Lisa Pascual MD
Murat Pekmezci MD
Nicole Strauss MD
Monara Dini DPM
Nancy Fung MD
Silas Marshall MD
Diana Werner DPM
Dorothy Christian NP
Brenda Stengele NP
Colleen Irwin MSN, NP


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