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  • Chief: Peter Ganz
  • Clinic Director: Mary Gray
  • Nurse Manager: Rosaly Ferrer
  • Charge RN: Igor Berman


  • Location: Main Building 5, 1st floor, 1M
  • Routine clinical issues, call charge nurse directly at 206-4619
  • Routine patient appointments at 206-8492
  • New patient appointments and urgent visits, contact MEA to schedule at 206-4654
  • Fax number is 206-4423


Cardiology Dashboard- February 2014 

Providers with Privileges (updated September 2013):

Michel Accad MD
Christopher Barnett MD
Neal Benowitz MD
Ann Bolger MD
Peter Ganz MD
Nora Goldschlager MD
Mary Gray MD
Gabriel Gregoratos MD
Priscilla Hsue MD
John MacGregor MD
Dhruv Kazi MD
Ramin Farzaneh-Far MD
Hours of Operation
Service Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Anti-Coagulation Clinic 9AM-12Noon 9M-12Noon - 8:30AM-12noon 9AM-12Noon
Cardiology Clinic in 1M 8:30AM-12Noon 8:30AM-12Noon 8:30AM-12Noon - 8:30AM-12Noon
Cardiology Clinic in Ward 92 - - - - 1PM-5PM

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