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The SFGH Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism provides specialty care in diabetes and general endocrinology for patients receiving care in the San Francisco Safety Net. Clinical services include:

In addition, we provide subspecialty care for safety net populations in the SF bay area and beyond. Clinical systems innovations have focused on improving patient access and decreasing patient wait time. More information here.


Endocrine and Lipid Clinics:

  • Location: Building 90, 2nd floor, Ward 92
  • Routine clinical issues at 206-4725
  • Follow-up patient appointments at 206-4777
  • Fax number is 206-4257
Hours of Operation
Service Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Endocrine Clinic 8:30AM-12Noon - - 8:30AM-12Noon -
FNA Clinic - 8:30AM-12Noon twice monthly - - -
Lipid Clinic - 8:30AM-12Noon - - -

Diabetes Clinic:

  • Location: Main building 5, 1st floor, 1M 
  • Routine clinical issuessand follow-up patient appointments at 206-8492
  • Fax number is 206-3012
Hours of Operation
Service Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Diabetes Clinic - 8:30AM-12Noon in Ward 92 - - 8:30AM-12Noon in 1M


Diabetes Dashboard- February 2014 Endocrinology Dashboard- February 2014 Lipid Clinic Dashboard- February 2014 

Providers with Privileges (updated September 2013):

Thomas Bersot MD
Sarah Kim MD
Elizabeth Murphy MD
Jennifer Park-Sigal MD
Madhu Rao MD
Morris Schambelan MD


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